Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Treating Burns      

                                                                                    Yesterday evening , I was checking my baked chicken in the oven , it was a busy day as this was the first day back to school for my girls. Yep, you guessed it, I burned my arm . OUCH!! I went straight for my doTERRA Lavender oil and put it directly on the burn. Immediately I felt relief. Ahhhhhh! A slight sting  remained, but it was faint. I then layered Frankincense and Lavender oil on the burn and about 30 minutes later I had even forgotten about the burn. There was no more pain and I was able to touch the burn. doTERRA oils are a great natural alternative to modern medicine .

Essential oils based products:
Also consider: Geranium,marjoram,OnGuard
Suggested protocols:
The quicker, the better. Cover the affected area with lavender oil. Then, if possible, cool the area with peppermint or a cool compress. If the burn area is too sensitive to apply the oils directly, then use a water spritz with lavender and peppermint .
•  If blistering occurs or the skin is compromised use Frankincense or melaleuca to prevent infection.
•  White fir is also recommended to minimize pain and prevent infection.
•  As healing begins use helichrysum to promote  tissue regeneration and prevent scarring.
Special Precautions: Severe burns should receive professional medical attention. Do not use “hot” oils on a fresh burn.
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